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Monday, 9 April 2018

Most common Myths about bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a complicated process and many people have misconceptions about it. Due to which people hold themselves back from filling bankruptcy. But in reality bankruptcy is the best debt relief option. You just need to put little a bit of extra effort so that you can understand the process of bankruptcy and take the benefits. Here we will discuss the most common myths and try to understand the facts of bankruptcy as outlined by Brian Linnekens which will underline the statement that bankruptcy is not such a tough process.

It is a difficult process

In bankruptcy there are many rules due to which it seems a difficult process. But according to Brian Linnekens with the help of proper assistance from an experienced attorney you can take the benefits of bankruptcy. The attorney you hire to file for bankruptcy has all the rules in the back of his mind and in the various books that he is going to consult over a period of time which of course will make it a cake walk for you provided you follow every advice in letter and spirit offered by your bankruptcy attorney.

Filing for bankruptcy will show that you are a bad person

Many people have an assumption that if you are filing for bankruptcy you will be shown in bad light to the world. But the fact is that by fling you are using your constitutional rights so that you can regain control over your finances.

It’s not only you who are facing financial crisis, lot of people around you going through the same situation and the reason can be any – medical emergencies, loss in business and downturns in economy due to which they cannot pay their debts on time. And under such circumstances if you are filing for bankruptcy you are securing yourself as well as your family members.

After filing for bankruptcy you will never own anything

This is the most common myth about bankruptcy, but this is completely wrong. In actual this will give everyone an opportunity for a fresh start, you can own all new properties like you have been owning before filing. For that you need to receive your discharge in bankruptcy.

Your family will be in trouble if you are filing for the bankruptcy

Many people believe that if they are filing for bankruptcy there will be a problem in the family and the family members will have to face the situation of separation or divorce. We know every family is different but the fact is completely opposite of it, once you decide to file for bankruptcy you can handle your family in a better way. Since by filing you have taken some action so that you can regain control over your finance.

Creditor will still harass you and your family even after you file for bankruptcy

After filing for the bankruptcy court orders an automatic stay so that creditors will not contact you in any way. With this stay in place creditors are not allowed to call and text you. If in any condition the creditors violate the court orders then he/ she will be penalized but there are rare chances of them to do so.

Your credits will ruin for 10 years

These are two different concepts which make the confusion. This is a fact that after filing for bankruptcy it will be visible on your credit report for 10 years, but the credit will not be damaged for the same time period. Mostly before filing for bankruptcy you damage all your credit as you are not able to pay your bills or debts on time. And after filing you start paying bills on times and slowly start rebuilding the credit. By doing this you can rebuild your credits within two to five years. And you come out clean from your bankruptcy there are chances that financial institutions will use their discretionary powers and provide you credit for the time you are looking for.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Making the most with your money with a financial advisor with Brian Linnekens

External financial assistance is essential, especially, for well-known organizations. However, financial advisers have a mixed popularity within the market for their professional services presentedfeels Brian Linnekens. There is pool of financial advisers in the market however a lot of these are generally better known for their useful assistance.

Clear you doubts of employing a financial adviser

The first and most important question to grasp will be your necessity. You need to realise whether anyone need advice or simply information for your finances. For individuals that are just looking for some information such as what should be carried out with pension you can go to numerous web sites. Such sites consist of specifics of house loans along with the greatest financial savings and credit card offers.

Nonetheless, when you are short of time and don't seem to be self-confident about your funds, seeking financial adviser’s assistance is necessary. An agent can suggest several proper products. Ordinarily, experts experience addresses different areas- some are financial advisers while some are generally stockbrokers, tax advisers etc. Make sure you employ an impartial agent who can suggest anyone proper products from the market. A few of the tips to engage financial advisers based on Brian Linnekens tend to be:

Use professional financial adviser from the market- 

Make certain to look for the certificate of the financial adviser to prevent any disappointments. A person can’t hire anyone from your market to advice you on your finances. Professionals are trustworthy and their professionalism could be their real strength. Usually, financial advisers must have accreditation from Certified Financial Planner or Personal Financial Specialist. Make certain about his track record industry along with his prior clients.

Ask along with discuss around with friends and colleagues-

To engage a financial adviser, you may ask around from friends in addition to peers. You can even examine registries with professional organizations including Associations of Personal Financial Advisers to locate good financial adviser.

Recognize your requirements-

As pointed out above, you must understand the reasons you desire to employ a financial adviser. In case you are clear about your wants then choosing the correct individual to advice needs to be quiet easy. Since financial planners expertise is within various areas ensure that you retain the person who suits your needs by meeting with many different financial advisors.

Know how the particular adviser will get paid -

A few financial coordinators are paid a fixed amount during their tenure so they really don’t charge commissions for the services. However, commission based planners don’t charge their clientele for frequent visits rather they have some portion inside the services and products. Fee-only experts are generally unusual therefore, the majority of financial advisers are generally commission based.

Know the alphabet soup -

A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is a individual who would be able to counsel you on the whole financial picture. However, the particular CFA is the individual with expertise in investing as well as CPA is really a person tackling with tax issues. You would have to select the person who fits your expectations.

Within current market scenario, picking the right financial aid is really tedious. Clients should be extra cautious about hiring the very best one. Should you hire the wrong individual, it can be unsatisfactory for you later on. Finances need to be managed by a person who is experienced in his area and is trusted. Research and planning is necessary and do as much as research you can to obtain the most suitable one.

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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Brian Linnekens Maintaining the Order of the Credit Reports

Your Credit Score contains all the info about you: your identify, address, your current financial health checkup just about everything. Based on Brian Linnekens in today's financial system this can be a most essential document that should be in order. Possibly a solitary blunder or mistake on the particular credit rating can cause tragedy not only for an individual but also for the whole family and everyone that is depending on you for funds.

Not many people are conscious that they are able to challenge the particular mistakes and obtain them amended through the credit scoring organizations. In fact Brian Linnekens advised us that almost all persons will recognize and also live with the fact that their own credit reports incorporate a slip-up that's restricting their chances of getting a loan or finance for something they really need. These kind of consumers are under the impression that the credit reporting agencies don't have ears and aren't going to listen to them. Sometimes persons don’t even have an understanding that some thing is incorrect on their credit report since they never go through them in depth.

Brian Linnekens stresses the importance of keeping a watchful eye on your credit score because you require to pay attention to the numerous adjustments that take place on it. Almost all dealings that you just make when it comes to finances are there about the credit reports. Maintaining an eye on your credit score serves several purposes which have been important. You can be informed in cases of id theft. When someone has been employing your name phone number or address to undertake financial transactions which could hamper your long term financial health. Ripoffs done in your own name can easily be detected in case you are careful with regards to your credit score.

If ever you discover an error on your credit report you've full right to repair it and also, since it does not involve any heavy prices it's the first thing to do without even getting qualified guidance. If however one opts for professional assistance chances are that things may move at a better tempo feels Brian Linnekens, a specialist in financial issues.

In order to correct your credit report you ought to get in contact with the credit reporting companies that is Equifax, Experian as well as TransUnion. Don't forget to have recognized every item that you're arguing on your credit rating. Your statements inside your correspondence need to be crisp and clear so that the Credit Unions have the ability to process your current request quickly and specific. You have full right to dispute as well as request modification or deletions for the items which you think have been wrongly added to your credit score. Make sure you affix copies of the supporting paperwork that you're submitting to substantiate your claim for a correction.

Send all the documents along with correspondence to the credit reporting agencies via certified mail, return receipt requested to ensure you know that they've received your request. The Credit Bureaus will investigate your claim and take away almost any errors or perhaps red marks which might be present on account of oversight or even wrong reporting nevertheless the changes will only be visible when the next credit report will probably be created which may have a TAT of 90 days.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Brian Linnekens advises on how to tackle Debt Collectors

In keeping with Brian Linnekens you accomplish two essential areas if you argue a debt. First, when you argue the debt with the first 30 days following the debt collector messages you, he must quit virtually all collection routines until this individual shows that you are accountable for the debt. Next, you actually pressure the debt collector to disclose your own dispute for your credit rating bureau to which he reports. This is beneficial mainly because a lot of credit scoring products disregard or perhaps ignore didn't agree with bad debts.

Brian Linnekens thinks the ideal time and energy to question a debt is with the initial 30 days when you finally have the initial correspondence from your collector. The Fair Debt Collection Act identifies this kind of 30 day time-frame as the actual verification interval. During this time period, it is not necessary a sound obstacle to be able to challenge the debt. It truly is permitted so you can purely consult your debt extractor so that you can validate that you really are obligated to repay your debt.

Brian Linnekens additionally tells which the validation request is significant consult since it places the stress regarding confirmation around the collector. Put simply, the debt extractor needs to generate affirmation to proof you have your debt. If he or she can not create the confirmation, they can't acquire much more steps to recover from your business. After all, when you have a bona fide problem to the arrears, ensure that you assert this inside your consent notice.

Purely requesting verification would not require the collector to explain your debt as contested to a credit reporting company. To lift the need that the debt collector refer to your debt as didn't agree with, you have to upload a selected reliable problem to your supposed credit card debt.

Brian Linnekens additionally says that in the event you lose the first one month period, is still recommended that you argue your debt. A sound claim beyond your one month period of time still allows your debt extractor to spell out your debt as didn't agree with. Tend not to develop a flippant challenge since you may undermine any approaching legal action you will record.

If you are living in Tx, you might have much more legal rights that are not discovered under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. In Arizona, you'll question a credit debt whenever you want by providing your debt extractor instructions documenting your own question. At receiving the notice regarding contest, your debt extractor has to cease most collection actions until he looks into your current dispute to determine the true amount of cash owed within the financial debt, if any.

Absolutely no later than four weeks following your collector gets your own dispute, he or she must respond in writing either not accepting your own dispute, recognizing the claim, or inquiring an extension of the time with regard to his study. Brian Linnekens highlights if your collector acknowledges your own question, he must correct his / her records data in addition to give the notice of the inaccuracy in addition to a copy of your adjusted info to each and every bureau to whom he made research from the wrong report. Should he asks for time beyond regulation, he must correct his documents to adapt to your consult and provide notice with the modification to each agency to whom he or she documented the actual disagreed data. The debt extractor may possibly resume collection initiatives merely soon after his investigation is finished and he found the info to generally be right.

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Brian Linnekens Suggesting Tips on Buying a Short Sale House

To avoid foreclosure homeowners are usually motivated to sell their property to maintain their credit and a short sale happens. These results to purchase a house at a lower price. However, a final decision is left with the bank as they may will take a loss to avoid this bank will approve every step of the sale. Short sales often sold at prices lower than the mortgage, but sometimes it is higher than the value of property, and you must be careful with it. Here Brian Linnekens gave some tips which you can follow before buy a short sale:

Property Information:

To track down the properties may be difficult as the lender and their agent may not be very cooperative with you about prices and homeowners who are going to sell their property. Create a short list of homes that you would actually consider purchasing for yourself. And do not forget to find out about the lender and their terms and conditions.

Consult a professional:

Before buying a short sale make sure that you have a professional with you who will research on other lines like taxes, mechanic and labor etc... A short sale becomes more breezing when a professional real estate agent helps you. Because realtor are familiar with the things and deals that should be done.

Negotiation Process:

Determine who the original homeowner, this is important because there may be other real estate developer who may interested in the same property and may dominate the negotiation process. Once you trace out the sale the next step is to contact with seller and start the negotiation process. The homeowners will may ask a lot of things, but as a buyer, you are required to know that you are the one who is going to finalize the terms and conditions of the contract. Be aware of abusing people, since they are the people who need the money to cover their mortgage; do not let them dictate the terms that they want for the purchase. Make sure that you are going to get the terms that are favorable for you.

Take some cash with you:

While making a short sale, you need to have some cash as well as preapproved for loans so that you can make deals quickly. As lenders may not want willing to offer any sort of financing.

Brian Linnekens is an expert real estate developer and author. He helps Real Estate Agents to improve their market share, listings, and commissions. You can get a free eBook of real estate tips and tools of Brian Linnekens right here at:

Monday, 6 February 2012

Brian Linnekens create new pedestrian plazas at Santa Monica

The coastal hills of Malibu and Santa Monica Mountains at the north end of Santa Monica Bay have become home to a new brand of rural estates, sprawling sea ranches, and dramatic shoreline mansions in the last thirty years. Malibu alone now has more celebrities per square foot than the Cannes Film Festival and there's an incredible variety of opportunities for nearly twenty miles along the Pacific Coast Highway for extraordinary ocean view properties from Ventura County Line to Topanga Canyon.

Developer Brian Linnekens, of Santa Monica, who has been active in the Palm Springs community since first proposing the project three years ago, said the goal is to create new pedestrian plazas and a new walkway connecting Indian Canyon Drive to Palm Canyon Drive. Residential units would stack on top of retail spaces, where he is proposing a specialty grocery store, high-end restaurant and a new IHOP. Brian Linnekens said the project - featuring one- and two-bedroom units - will cater to mostly young couples with no children.

"I have waited a long time to be here," he said. "I could give you a history ... but I'm so excited I'll just jump into it."

It's all in the details Architects Ana Escalante and Lance O'Donnell, along with Brian Linnekens led the Planning Commission through a detailed presentation of conceptual drawings and view analysis.
The commission was impressed by Brian Linnekens and made several comments, ranging from concerns about parking - which will be underground - to having more architectural features at the corners to welcome visitors.

Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains offer the best opportunity in Los Angeles to get away from it all without leaving town.

The only other true estate properties with Brian Linnekens in L.A.'s beach cities are found on the Palos Verdes Peninsula which defines the southern end of Santa Monica Bay. Visible from Malibu to Downtown and beyond, the peninsula is a huge promontory with older estates, custom homes and villages on the sea-bluffs and at lower elevations in the hills all the way around it on the main road. Newer homes and exclusive properties are found higher up the hill and can offer unbelievable jet-liner views of the coast and Channel Islands.

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Monday, 16 January 2012

Brian Linnekens a name to reckon with : Property Development

Brian Linnekens oversaw the planning, permitting and construction of Citrus Suites ~ Broadway, located 1-1/2 blocks from the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, consisting of 101 luxury apartments over high end retail and three levels of subterranean parking. Amenities include a roof top pool, gym, roof gardens and sun decks. The building wraps around a beautifully landscaped internal courtyard giving its residents an experience reminiscent of an old style European community.

Brian Linnekens oversaw the planning, permitting and construction of Citrus Suites ~ Ocean Way, an expansion rehabilitation of a 70-unit apartment project located approximately 50' from the sand at Santa Monica Beach. The project is extremely well located but suffered from severe deferred maintenance and an outdated design. Redevelopment brought 30% more apartment units, additional elevators, a three-story atrium, lobby, landscaped courtyards, pool deck, fitness center and other upscale amenities.

As the lead project manager, B.R. Linnekens personally oversaw every aspect of construction of “The Bristol House” from the inception of the project until completion. The Bristol House is a magnificent country estate with endless grounds and over 7,000 square feet of slate patios and balconies. This 9,000 square foot home offers custom brick work, a traditional slate roof, integrated entertainment and security systems and a state-of-the-art, gourmet kitchen and great-room with granite counter-tops, custom cabinets, enormous center island, stainless steel appliances & countless other fabulous amenities.

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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Brian Linnekens Appointed as the Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Santa Monica Family YMCA

On Monday, December 19, 2011, Mr. Nathaniel Trives announced that Brian Linnekens had been formally chosen to serve the Santa Monica Family YMCA in the capacity of Secretary of the Board of Directors for the upcoming year 2012. This decision will allow Mr. Linnekens to continue his service to the YMCA and will give him the opportunity to explore additional ways to help shape the direction of the YMCA.

"We're delighted that Brian will hold the position of Secretary for the upcoming year and will continue his outstanding service to our organization," said Tara Pomposini, C.E.O. of the Santa Monica Family YMCA. "His exceptional leadership will continue to promote collaboration within our organization will help us address the on-going needs of our community."

Brian R. Linnekens has been involved with the Santa Monica YMCA for several years. Initially, Mr. Linnekens held a position on the advisory board to the Board of Directors, helping the YMCA oversee it facilities and operations by providing recommendations to the Board of Directors in various aspects and functions of the YMCA. After successfully serving the YMCA in this capacity, Mr. Linnekens was honored by being elected to a full position on the Board of Directors, a position that he currently still holds. As a member of the Board of Directors, Brian Linnekens has always offered his unique prospective, insight and guidance to the YMCA community. Learn more here:

Brian Linnekens has also been instrumental in the YMCA Annual Support Campaign, holding the positions of campaigner, team leader and division leader. As a Team Leader,Brian Linnekens oversaw an entire team of campaigners and lead his team to exceed their projected fund raising targets. As a division leader, Brian Linnekens oversaw an entire division of the campaign, consisting of four team leaders and dozens of individual campaigners. Brian Linnekens was also responsible for campaigner training and the implementation of new fund raising techniques designed to solidify repeat donations and increase "stretch gifts" among the YMCA community. Through the unwavering efforts of his team members, Mr. Linnekens' division delivered a successful fundraising campaign.

"I am thrilled to be given this honor to serve as the Secretary to the Board of Directors," said Linnekens, "I would like reiterate my deep gratitude to the YMCA family for giving me this opportunity to serve and I pledge to provide my strongest efforts to achieve the goals of our YMCA for the benefit our Santa Monica community."

About Brian Linnekens : Brian Linnekens is the president and principal shareholder of Global Innovation Development, Inc., a real estate development company focused on urban mixed-use projects and assisted living and/or active senior facilities. Brian Linnekens has a proven history of delivering successful projects and has experience in a variety of construction types and within challenging site constraints. As an attorney and an MBA with his degrees from the UCLA School of Law and the Anderson School of Management at UCLA, Brian Linnekens personally oversees all of his projects, from inception to stabilization.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Brian Linnekens goes viral sharing his experiences

Property development has been the most lucrative business enterprise for young entrepreneurs. One needs a lot of creativity and business acumen that can take one to new heights in this particular arena. A good investment will surely go a long way in making the real estate development project as a benchmark in the area and would surely give an impetus to the Developer's profile. Real Estate has seen a lot of ups and downs in the past still people who choose to stay in this particular profession stand to gain in the long run. The only thing required is patience and perseverance to make things work to your advantage.

Brian Linnekens has been a name to reckon with in Real Estate Development Projects. Over the year Brian as the President of Global Innovation Development, Inc has been responsible for developing numerous projects. With a focus on urban mixed-use projects and assisted living and/or active senior facilities. Brian Linnekens has a track record of personally overseeing all of his projects, from inception to stabilization. With a Management degree from one of the top notch business schools he has an eye for every detail that goes into the execution and completion of his project.

With years of experience with some of the most successful projects in real estate Brian Linnekens has now decided to share his rich experience with people who are looking to make a career in the real estate Industry. Keeping his tradition of using hi tech technology running Brian Linnekens has uploaded several videos on YouTube that can be watched and used in real life scenarios where one requires help in real estate development projects.

The hands on experience gained by Brian Linnekens in the field of acquisition, design, finance, construction, marketing and management in terms of Real Estate Development projects will surely go a long way in adding to the knowledge and expertise of Real Estate developers. Brian Linnekens has always been in the forefront to share his experiences be it through social media websites or his own website or through personal contact. He has churned out many a success stories in turning properties that were worthless into cash cows.

About Brian Linnekens : Brian Linnekens is the president and principal shareholder of Global Innovation Development, Inc., a real estate development company focused on urban mixed-use projects and assisted living and/or active senior facilities. Brian Linnekens has a proven history of delivering successful projects and has experience in a variety of construction types and within challenging site constraints. As an attorney and an MBA with his degrees from the UCLA School of Law and the Anderson School of Management at UCLA, Brian Linnekens personally oversees all of his projects, from inception to stabilization.

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