Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Brian Linnekens Appointed as the Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Santa Monica Family YMCA

On Monday, December 19, 2011, Mr. Nathaniel Trives announced that Brian Linnekens had been formally chosen to serve the Santa Monica Family YMCA in the capacity of Secretary of the Board of Directors for the upcoming year 2012. This decision will allow Mr. Linnekens to continue his service to the YMCA and will give him the opportunity to explore additional ways to help shape the direction of the YMCA.

"We're delighted that Brian will hold the position of Secretary for the upcoming year and will continue his outstanding service to our organization," said Tara Pomposini, C.E.O. of the Santa Monica Family YMCA. "His exceptional leadership will continue to promote collaboration within our organization will help us address the on-going needs of our community."

Brian R. Linnekens has been involved with the Santa Monica YMCA for several years. Initially, Mr. Linnekens held a position on the advisory board to the Board of Directors, helping the YMCA oversee it facilities and operations by providing recommendations to the Board of Directors in various aspects and functions of the YMCA. After successfully serving the YMCA in this capacity, Mr. Linnekens was honored by being elected to a full position on the Board of Directors, a position that he currently still holds. As a member of the Board of Directors, Brian Linnekens has always offered his unique prospective, insight and guidance to the YMCA community. Learn more here:

Brian Linnekens has also been instrumental in the YMCA Annual Support Campaign, holding the positions of campaigner, team leader and division leader. As a Team Leader,Brian Linnekens oversaw an entire team of campaigners and lead his team to exceed their projected fund raising targets. As a division leader, Brian Linnekens oversaw an entire division of the campaign, consisting of four team leaders and dozens of individual campaigners. Brian Linnekens was also responsible for campaigner training and the implementation of new fund raising techniques designed to solidify repeat donations and increase "stretch gifts" among the YMCA community. Through the unwavering efforts of his team members, Mr. Linnekens' division delivered a successful fundraising campaign.

"I am thrilled to be given this honor to serve as the Secretary to the Board of Directors," said Linnekens, "I would like reiterate my deep gratitude to the YMCA family for giving me this opportunity to serve and I pledge to provide my strongest efforts to achieve the goals of our YMCA for the benefit our Santa Monica community."

About Brian Linnekens : Brian Linnekens is the president and principal shareholder of Global Innovation Development, Inc., a real estate development company focused on urban mixed-use projects and assisted living and/or active senior facilities. Brian Linnekens has a proven history of delivering successful projects and has experience in a variety of construction types and within challenging site constraints. As an attorney and an MBA with his degrees from the UCLA School of Law and the Anderson School of Management at UCLA, Brian Linnekens personally oversees all of his projects, from inception to stabilization.

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