Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Brian Linnekens goes viral sharing his experiences

Property development has been the most lucrative business enterprise for young entrepreneurs. One needs a lot of creativity and business acumen that can take one to new heights in this particular arena. A good investment will surely go a long way in making the real estate development project as a benchmark in the area and would surely give an impetus to the Developer's profile. Real Estate has seen a lot of ups and downs in the past still people who choose to stay in this particular profession stand to gain in the long run. The only thing required is patience and perseverance to make things work to your advantage.

Brian Linnekens has been a name to reckon with in Real Estate Development Projects. Over the year Brian as the President of Global Innovation Development, Inc has been responsible for developing numerous projects. With a focus on urban mixed-use projects and assisted living and/or active senior facilities. Brian Linnekens has a track record of personally overseeing all of his projects, from inception to stabilization. With a Management degree from one of the top notch business schools he has an eye for every detail that goes into the execution and completion of his project.

With years of experience with some of the most successful projects in real estate Brian Linnekens has now decided to share his rich experience with people who are looking to make a career in the real estate Industry. Keeping his tradition of using hi tech technology running Brian Linnekens has uploaded several videos on YouTube that can be watched and used in real life scenarios where one requires help in real estate development projects.

The hands on experience gained by Brian Linnekens in the field of acquisition, design, finance, construction, marketing and management in terms of Real Estate Development projects will surely go a long way in adding to the knowledge and expertise of Real Estate developers. Brian Linnekens has always been in the forefront to share his experiences be it through social media websites or his own website or through personal contact. He has churned out many a success stories in turning properties that were worthless into cash cows.

About Brian Linnekens : Brian Linnekens is the president and principal shareholder of Global Innovation Development, Inc., a real estate development company focused on urban mixed-use projects and assisted living and/or active senior facilities. Brian Linnekens has a proven history of delivering successful projects and has experience in a variety of construction types and within challenging site constraints. As an attorney and an MBA with his degrees from the UCLA School of Law and the Anderson School of Management at UCLA, Brian Linnekens personally oversees all of his projects, from inception to stabilization.

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