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Selling your home and fetching a good price in the market

About Sellers

If you are selling your property, a potential buyer will usually want a value and survey to inspect the property. You will have to allow the value or survey to look round the property if you want to sell your home.

Make Your Home Look Great

Home buyers are always attracted to clean, spacious and attractive houses. Brighten-up the house and remove any bulky furniture. Scrub-down your house from top to bottom, make it sparkle. Simple aesthetic improvements such as trimming trees, planting flowers, fixing squeaking steps and broken tiles and shampooing rugs will greatly enhance the appeal of your house.

Hire a Real Estate Broker

It is better to hire a real estate broker who has full information about the property in which you are interested. This is because these experts can help individuals obtain a full knowledge of a property. This information is essential to make sure that there is no incorrect decision made on your property.

Home Brochures/Information Sheets

It is a good idea to create an information sheet with a photo about your home to give to potential buyers. Consider printing copies of your ad from to give to people who visit your home.

Price Your Home Right

One of the best ways to correctly price your house is to find out what other homes, similar to your own, recently sold for in your neighborhood. Talk to home sellers, buyers and check out the real estate listings in your local newspaper.  Once you've had an inspection done and visited similar houses for sale, you can start on home improvements that will increase your chances of selling at a higher price.

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Three Signs of Selling Property: -

Good signs, Yard signs, Bad signs

Good signs

Schools are in high demand and well-rated. Young families are interested in this type of property. Older couples are interested in commercial properties are getting redeveloped and quickly leased.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are one of the most important marketing tools for home sellers. Professionally-produced yard signs telegraph to home buyers a “quality” image of your house.

Bad signs

A major local employer is struggling or moving away; adjacent neighborhoods are progressively turning into rentals; and a few too many for-sale homes are lingering on the market. Nearby commercial spaces remain persistently vacant.

MLS Multiple Listing Service

MLS is a private database that are created, maintained and paid for by real estate professionals to help their clients buy and sell property. Features: -

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